Yoga is an ancient practice that combines breath and movement in a series of postures. Yoga can encourage you to feel energised, flexible and balanced. Through regular practice you can explore how your body moves and changes. Yoga works with many of your limbs and muscles to create strength, flexibility and body awareness. Find our classes.

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Make_it_Kenya_lunge-yogaIn class you learn many different yoga postures (asanas). You can try different movements and practice flowing and breathing at your own pace. Yoga is suitable for all ages and physical abilities. We welcome everyone from beginners to those who have practiced yoga before. The most important lesson is to work with your own body.

The best way to learn about yoga is to tryjoin a class.

Andrea Stewart
Teacher – Andrea

Yoga Teacher – Andrea. After 20 years of practice and learning, I decided to train as a yoga teacher with Yoga Quota and Yoga Alliance. My training is in Vinyassa Flow Yoga. I’m particularly interested in sharing my experience of yoga postures and breath work– encouraging you to take your time, breath and flow gently along your yoga journey. I also include Iyengar postures where we hold the position for a few breaths.

I’ve enjoyed the teaching of many yogis over the years and been lucky enough to practice in many different countries, including living in India, the heartland of yoga.

I have learnt many teachers including Odile Wehrli, Toby Lockyear, Harriet McAtee and Holly Warren to name just a few inspiring yogis.

I hope you’ll join a yoga class in Abingdon or Oxford soon. Email us to find out more. See our frequently asked questions.

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Main photo: Make It Kenya / STUART PRICE.